Celebration Ministries

Celebrate Kids

At Celebrate Kids, children learn how to
work through their hurts, habits and hang-ups in a relaxed but structured environment.

Celebrate Kids is a ministry that meets 6:45-9:30 p.m. for children ages 4 years and up. They meet on Friday nights at the same time as Celebrate Recovery Hagerstown. This program is designed to minister to the children of the parents or guardians that attend Celebrate Recovery Hagerstown on Friday nights. The program includes food, fun, fellowship, friends, and a time of learning.

The program is established to help children in their development as well as their recovery from circumstances and difficulties within their lives.  The activities offered help to promote teamwork, patience, kindness, and encouragement.  It is also an opportunity for the children to gain more knowledge and understanding of their situations as they interact with other children who may be struggling with similar problems. This Biblically based program helps children to understand that they do have a higher power, Jesus Christ, to turn to in their times of struggle and difficulty. Through participating in Celebrate Kids, the children advance and grow spiritually, mentally and physically. Children find that this is unlike many other childcare programs they have attended.  With structure, love, discipline, and guidance, we hope to help children to develop life skills that will be vital in their times of struggle and daily life.

Children under the age of 2, require one week advance registration. Email CelebrateKids@CMHag.org with the required information, which is the age of the child and the date they will be attending. Someone will contact you regarding the child's potential visit.

All Celebrate Kids leaders and workers must submit to background screening to assure that it is a safe place for kids to attend.

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